Esperanza Services Christmas Gift 2013

Fyffe_Lynn__MG_4061My friend Allan Gluck (pictured here with Mark), who is a philanthropist on the board of Esperanza Services, asked me if I’d like to shoot for their clients as free Christmas gifts. It has been a pleasure to visit their office in Alhambra and work with the crew. They are truly warmhearted people caring for others in need. They’re a group of happy and cheerful people.

Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0003The elves bring happiness to children.Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0002


Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0004  Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0015

Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0005 Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0007 Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0009

Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0013  Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0012

Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0014 Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0010 Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0011

Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0006   Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0008


Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0016  Fyffe_Lynn_Esperanza_0018